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Paramount 450 Music Library

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Abide With Me Steve Schlesing
Alexander's Ragtime Band (Links to Contrebombarde) * Steve Schlesing
Somewhere (Links to YouTube) Pierre Fracalanza
A Foggy Day * Iain McGlinchey
Berceuse Steve Schlesing
Blame It On The Bossa Nova Steve Schlesing
Change Partners * Pierre Fracalanza
Cherokee * Iain McGlinchey
Con Sentimento * Steve Schlesing
Dance of the Bells * Steve Schlesing
Dreams Steve Schlesing
Easter Parade * Iain McGlinchey
Easter Of The Sun * Iain McGlinchey
Elegie Opus 1, number 3 (Youferov) * Steve Schlesing
Every Time I See You Pierre Fracalanza
Flutter By Butterfly * Gregory De Santis
God Of Our Fathers * Steve Schlesing
He's A Pirate Steve Schlesing
If You Love Me Really Love Me Steve Schlesing
I'll Be Seeing You * Iain McGlinchey
I Know Why * Iain McGlinchey
My Buddy (Links to YouTube Pierre Fracalanza
In The Gloaming * Steve Schlesing
I Remember You Pierre Fracalanza
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (Links to YouTube) Steve Schlesing
In A Monastery Garden Steve Schlesing
In Moonlight * Steve Schlesing
In Love For The Very First Time * Gregory De Santis
Ivory Palaces Steve Schlesing
Jalousie * Iain McGlinchey
Journey Into Melody * Gregory De Santis
King Kong March * Iain McGlinchey
La Danza Pierre Fracalanza
Largo from Xerxes * Steve Schlesing
Little Serenade * Iain McGlinchey
Love For Sale Christian Elliott
Lush Life (Links to YouTube) * Pierre Fracalanza
Make Our Garden Grow Pierre Fracalanza
Moonlight On The River * Gregory De Santis
One Morning In May Pierre Fracalanza
Out Of Africa Pierre Fracalanza
Over The Rainbow * Iain McGlinchey
Over The River * Steve Schlesing
Paramount On Parade * Iain McGlinchey
Por Una Cabeza * Iain McGlinchey
Roses Of Picardy * Iain McGlinchey
September In The Rain * Iain McGlinchey
Salute to the Armed Forces * Steve Schlesing
Shakin' The Blues Away Pierre Fracalanza
Slowpoke * Iain McGlinchey
Softly and Tenderly, Jesus is Calling * Steve Schlesing
Somewhere Pierre Fracalanza
Song Of Paradise * Iain McGlinchey
Sporting Occasion * Iain McGlinchey
Stars Fell On Alabama Michael Wooldridge
Tangerine Steve Schlesing
The First Day of Spring * Gregory De Santis
ToyTown Trumpeters * Iain McGlinchey
Trumpet Tune * Iain McGlinchey
Veradero Christian Elliott
Wedgewood Blue (Links to Contrebombarde) * Steve Schlessing
What Child Is This? * Steve Schlessing
When Leaves Are Turning Pierre Fracalanza
Winter Wonderland * Iain McGlinchey
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