Paramount Organ Works™

Builders of Virtual Theatre Pipe Organs for Hauptwerk™

Download Paramount 450 MP3 music played by International Theatre Pipe Organ Artist - Simon Gledhill:

Anyone Can Whistle

It's Deloveley

Sunny Side Of The Street

Two Cigarettes In The Dark

View Paramount 450 videos by Paramount Artist Pierre Fracalanza:
  • Paramount Organs offer samples developed from a number of America’s and the UK's finest theatre pipe organs.
  • The best ranks have been collected to provide the organist with unparalleled quality.
  • Samples maintain better-than-CD audio quality.
  • All samples are stereo.
  • All ranks employ samples with actual applied tremulant to duplicate the extreme timbral changes
    of theatre pipes as they are alternately underblown and overblown.
  • These tremulants are the major contributor to the Theatre Organ's characteristic sound.
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      Hauptwerk™ is a trademark owned by Milan Digital Audio.

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